Six potential black swans of 2024 The upcoming year holds the potential for surprises that may catch market participants off guard. Rather than dismissing the prospect of unpleasant events, experts recommend us to keep calm. However, it is crucial not to underestimate the impact of potential black swans – events that unfold suddenly and elude external control. Analysts spotlight six such occurrences that can bring about substantial changes on the global stage in 2024
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Famous billionaires - vegetarians Nowadays, only 8% of the population follows a plant-based diet. Interestingly, this lifestyle is welcomed by more and more people, including the ultra-rich. Read the article to get to some billionaires who practise a vegetarian diet and find out what inspired them to reject meat products.
5 countries leading in crypto popularity Digital currencies are no longer the fetish of crypto geeks and high-tech fans. Cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream asset for millions of investors worldwide. Such enormous popularity has not popped up by chance. It mirrors people's search for new ways of saving and expanding their capital and the intention to be independent of conventional financial institutions. Where has the digital revolution been welcomed with the most zeal? Here are the five countries leading in crypto popularity.
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