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This page contains a list of forums where InstaForex is officially represented. You can ask a question on any of the forums and you will receive a comprehensive answer.



Forum.mt5.com is a platform where you can find a wide variety of information, including practical aspects of trading on the forex market. The tips are given by professional traders with vast experience. On the forum, you can also discuss the latest economic news and predict possible market movements.

Popular sections:
General Forex Conversation
All topics regarding Forex-trading are to be started here
Forex Beginners
Newbie at Forex? Post questions and ask for advice in this section
Trading Strategies
Join the discussion and share experience with currency traders
Free Dialog
Talks about everything, but the forum
Live Trading Discussion
Let's discuss currency pairs forecasts here


Forum.instaforex.com is an English-language platform for communication between existing and potential InstaForex clients all over the world. You can always find here reliable information about the company and get competent answers to your questions.

Popular sections:
For beginners
Help and advices to Forex newbies.
Economic News
Talk about world economy, financial actualities and general Forex news.
Traders` discussions
Join the conversation and share experience with currency traders.
Support Section
Questions regarding the company services and trading conditions; opportunities for traders from InstaForex.
Affiliate program
Issues concerning the partnership.
Forex contests
InstaForex contests, tournaments & campaigns.
Company`s news
Announces and articles about current actualities and events of InstaForex.
Forex Trust Management
Talks about PAMM-system, discuss offers from PAMM-traders.
Advertise your site here. Only sites with InstaForex banner at the main page are allowed to be placed here.
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